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Exciting Gift Idea

Replicating the sample bottles sent to Douglas Laing & Co. from stock held at the Distilleries – these smaller 20cl bottles appear to have been hand written by one of the team  pulling the sample. Douglas Laing & Co. select specific bottlings from the 70cl capacities and fill first about 150-200 of the 20cl bottles – so these are little “rarities” – small bottles, in small quantities, from a very small bottling, from a small family company.  

On one level, they do allow the consumer to taste a small amount before investing in the larger bottle (for himself or a Club). On a wider level they are also super gifts. Something truly different, natural stylish and  unique in their presentation. We think they are stunning and have sold them very well in both of our retail outlets. For comprehensive tasting notes take a look at our section on Douglas Laing. You will find a fine selection of varying styles of the 20cl Old Malt Cask Advance Samples here with really good tasting notes.

It is about time that whisky drinkers had something to delight over & we think these are truly pleasing – excellent whiskies, with varying finishes (sherried etc.) presented in a very stylish way.

We will certainly be using them as gift ideas. All the information the recipient may need is contained on the label in an honest and interesting way. What more can you ask for?